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Flexible Simulation Tool

ChargeSim is a SaaS Platform that can evaluate hundreds of vehicles, thousands of trips, and elaborate parking and workflow configurations. In-depth modeling captures complex behaviors.

  • Multiple Output Chargers 

  • Solar and Energy Storage 

  • Smart Charging 

  • Lane Parking 

ChargeSim Product Infosheet_edited.png
ChargeSim Product Infosheet (1).png

Accelerate your Design Process 

Project the energy profile which your electric fleet will generate, and evaluate options for how to minimize costs.

  • Interactive graphs and tables 

  • Report-ready figures 

  • CSV and SVG downloads

  • Costing Analysis

Easy-to-use Interface 

Simple user workflow and input parameters allow quick translation from product data-sheets and site layout options into meaningful simulations. Clear visualizations of the charging process and interactive graphs and tables. 

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