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Virtual design and simulation software for EV charging

ChargeSim helps EV bus and truck fleet operators, charger OEMs, CPO’s and utilities to implementing effective electric vehicle charging and smart charging algorithms.

Planning Simulation Software for EV Charging lets you explore charger and electrical connection options in simulation before you build, so you avoid project delays and excess costs from selecting the wrong chargers.

OCPP Simulation Software lets you develop, test and train users on your OCPP 2.0.1 & 1.6 smart charging and backoffice without driving a fleet.

Recognize (some of) these obstacles to eMobility?

We've got the solution!

Worried about project delays and over-installing hardware?
Struggling to fit the puzzle of schedules, type of chargers and utility costs?
Difficulty testing, demonstrating and developing your smart charging algorithms? 
Uncertain what electrical grid capacity you need to charge your fleet?

We provide software solutions for eMobility for planning, developing and testing EV charging infrastructure

Bus fleet electrification

eDepotPlanner software for planning bus depot electrification, selecting chargers and utility capacity.

Typical Users:
transit agencies, consulting firms, charging service providers

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Truck fleet electrification

eYardPlanner software for electric truck fleet and yard planning to inform grid capacity needs, charger selection and labor needs.

Typical Users:
trucking companies, consulting firms, charging service providers

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OCPP Simulator


eVirtuFleet software speeds up the development of smart charging software and helps in demonstrating and training users.

Typical Users:
charge point operators, smart charging developers

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Charge smarter

Our simulation software helps you translate the needs of your EV fleet into practical plans to build, operate and charge your charging infrastructure.

Planning simulators provide flexible modeling and analysis for your specific EV-charging situation and helps you understand your route to full electrification. eDepotPlanner for buses and eYardPlanner for trucks helps you quickly iterate and explore options for cost savings by combining utility capacity, charger selection, pre-conditioning, charging schedule, yard management and smart charging.

Our eVirtuFleet OCPP tools can help you design, test and demonstrate your smart charging software.

A laptop running chargesim

Electrifying Better with ChargeSim

Buses parking at chargers

ChargeSim is a simulation tool that can simulate hundreds of vehicles, thousands of assignments, and elaborate parking and workflow configurations. The intuitive interface lets you quickly turn your needs into design options.

We believe addressing climate change requires economically viable technology solutions which maintain a good quality of life for everyone which can be deployed at scale. Our tools contribute to this goal by lowering costs of electrification and improving smart charging 

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