Fleet OCPP Simulator

A virtual fleet to test and demonstrate backoffice CPO smart charging software

Struggling to test or mimic a real-life situation?
Hard to show your solution without the fear of interfearing a life setup?
Time consuming development due to the long test time?

Accelerate your smart charging development with the help of our eVirtuFleet software. Connect your software via OCPP with our eVirtuFleet software to test or demonstrate your software with a virtual set of chargers and vehicle fleet. 

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Accelerate your Smart Charging Development

eVirtuFleet provides you a simulated fleet and virtual chargers controlled via OCPP by your backoffice smart charging software for development and demonstrations.

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Find and understand issues in your smart charging before you get in the field

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Demonstrations and Training for clients using a virtual fleet with no privacy concerns

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Quickly assess your algorithms performance and find improvements

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Test your backoffice smart charging with a virtual fleet of vehicles

eVirtuFleet doesn't just simulate chargers over OCPP
it simulates a working fleet
Batteries get full, vehicles depart and return with a lower battery


eVirtuFleet Basic

Basic features for giving demonstrations and training users to use OCPP charger management.

  • A checklist

    OCPP 1.6 JSON & 2.0.1 Support

  • Login to your backoffice or charger manager tool using the same OCPP connection information as chargers.

  • watch live

    Watch your virtual fleet in action with live-updating power plots and animations

  • Real-time or accelerated time simulation

  • Trigger vehicles to arrive and depart interactivly

  • Preconfigured vehicle and charger scenarios

eVirtuFleet Developer

Additional advanced features to help accelerate your development

  • Setup custom vehicle and charger scenarios in minutes

  • View live OCPP communications and download full session logs

  • Visualize smart charging charge profiles

  • API available to connect to build pipelines & automated testing

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Frequently asked questions

How much time does a simulation take?

For planning simulations, typically a few minutes.

For OCPP simulations it will depend on the backoffice and how fast you can accelerate the operation. Depending on your backoffice setup accelerated operation may require some adaptations since the OCPP protocol is only designed for real-time use. (e.g. 1kWh will be delivered in under 1h in accelerated mode, but if the backoffice cross checks this it could cause a warning.)

In real time mode it will take as long as you intend to simulate.

How can we control the virtual fleet?

Starting, stopping and reviewing eVirtuFleet simulations can be done through our API, details on our interface can be found on https://docs.api.chargesim.io/. This allows you to integrate the tool into build pipelines or automated testing. Typically scenario setup is done via the UI, but then later repeat simulations such as for build pipelines can be done via an API.

Why is your software different from other OCPP simulation tools?

Most OCPP simulators are intended to help you test that your system uses the protocol properly, but the vehicle arrivals and departures are manual, and the batteries never get full. eVirtuFleet simulates a fleet of vehicles, which follow a schedule, have batteries which get full and change their charge rates. This helps you test and demonstrate your smart charging algorithms are getting the vehicles full on time to meet your service needs.

Does ChargeSim do real time charger control?

No, ChargeSim is purely a design and testing tool. Our planing tools are usually used before chargers are purchased to select the most suitable setup and are vendor agnostic. They can be used to help improve workflows and smart charging of existing sites. Our OCPP tools can be used to test, validate, demonstrate and train people on smart charging software that will later control the actual chargers. We don’t make software for day-to-day operation of depots and smart charging. There are several vendors who do, and our tools can help you get an unbiased view on the value they can add.

How many vehicles can we simulate in the software?

This depends on your subscription, our subscription tiers scale with the number of vehicles. We can simulate hundreds of vehicles.