What kind of charging strategies are used for electric trucks?

There are a few strategies which can be used, in practice the right mix will depend on your fleet and how you use it.

Overnight charging: charging with relatively low power DC chargers during the night in roughly 8 to 14 hours. For urban last mile delivery running a single shift this can often be sufficient, but it is important to plan enough charging power to take advantage of cheaper electricity rate periods.

Destination Charging: Charge the vehicles at their destination like warehouses or logistic centers. Here it’s a balance to find optimal charging during loading and unloading (30 to 120 minutes depending on the goods shipped)

On-Route Fast charging: Charging at highway rest stops during driver break periods using very high power chargers with MCS (Megawatt Charging System). These chargers and stations are starting to be built, but are still rare. This is most useful for long-haul transport.